Hrdinovia všedného dňa


We have prepared a welcoming environment catering for children's natural needs. We would like all children to feel happy in our museum, inspired and ready to discover. All facilities are constructed with safety precautions in mind and require only simple manipulation. However, all parts of the museum expect kind supervision of parents or guardians. Thus, we would like to ask you to observe these basic rules:

  • an adult accompanying a child in our museum bears responsibility for him/her.

  • while visiting children's museum, we do not make unnecessary noise or movement which could disturb other visitors.

  • we do not enter spaces for exhibitions, Children's lab, Playground for the smallest ones, Creative workshops and Cinema with drinks and food. Playground for the smallest ones can be entered only barefoot.

  • we treat all facilities in the museum with respect, so that it can serve all visitors for a long time. In Creative workshops, we use all equipment in a way which is safe for us and everybody around us.

  • if one particular part or equipment in Children's Museum is occupied we wait until it is free or visit another part.

  • books and toys must be always returned to their original place.

By purchasing tickets to the Children's Museum, visitors confirm that they are ready to observe these Basic rules.

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